Chlorine Filter System Benefits

Benefits that horses enjoy from
our Chlorine Filter System

Superior Hydration (by as much as 40%) due to the clean taste and smell of the water once the Chlorine is removed. You may be able to lead a horse to water but you  can’t make them drink,
system 3 certainly not enough to prevent Colic. The removal of Chlorine from Municipal Drinking Water that is being fed to horses is at the heart of my Crusade to Stop Colic. If you have Chlorine killing the microbes in the digestive system and also tainting the water to the degree that horses are hesitant to drink adequate amounts, this sets up the perfect opportunity for Colic.

Increase the Natural Production of the T4 Hormone from the Thyroid. Chlorine in Urban Drinking Water displaces Iodine and compromises the Thyroid Gland. Chlorine mimics Iodine and attaches to the Iodine Receptors on the Thyroid gland. The removal of Chlorine ensures enhanced performance in terms of speed and stamina.

Strengthened Immune System and Improved Health There is a reason that horses that are not on Chlorine seldom require attention from the vet. Ever wonder why Horse Vets in the City are so busy?

Reduced Skin Conditions Including Allergies Horses are prone to irritating and sometimes fatal skin conditions. With no Chlorine robbing the skin of essential bacteria skin conditions disappear and do not recur.

Enhanced Performance  I consistently see horses that live with low levels of chronic discomfort. Since horses are so stoic they soldier on but I have no doubt that their performance is drastically diluted due to uncomfortable or sore cecums. With the elimination of discomfort and pain in the cecum as a result of unbalanced PH levels horses return to full health and strong performances.

swedens-minna-telde-001Elimination of Systemic Soreness  The contamination of the cecum with Chlorine results in the perforation of the gut lining and the leaking of the endotoxins  into the blood system and throughout the body setting up a massive Inflammatory Reaction.

Improved Behaviour Reduced indications of Stress and Worry. Once the Chlorine is removed from the cecum, the digestive system can properly produce the amino acids that are required to provide the soothing hormones of dopamine and serotonin in order to create the natural calm that horses desire.

Strengthen Hooves Hardens tender feet and reduces abscesses by as much as 90%! Horses that are not fed Chlorine seldom develop abscesses.

Sleek, Glowing Coats Supple, healthy skin and long flowing manes and tails. People will rave about how great your horse looks once the Chlorine Contamination ceases. karenhose